Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment - TCL-32

Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment - TCL-32
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Electrostatic powder coating equipment - TCL-32

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1.Electrical Data

Nominal input voltage

220V 100V-240VAC


50/60 Hz

Input power

50 VA

Rated output voltage (to gun)


Rated output current (to gun)


Protection type


Temperature rang

+10°C - +40°C (+50 °F -+104 °F)

Solenoid Valve Voltage

24 VDC

Gun output voltage

0-100 KVDC

Gun output current


2.Pneumatic Data

MAX.input pressure

8 bar

MIN.input pressure

5 bar

Output pressure

0~8 bar

Max.water vapor content of the compressed air

1.3 g/m³

Max.oil vapor content of the compressed air

0.1 mg/m³

Max.compressed air consumption

19 Nm³/h 

3.Spray gun paraments


12~18 V

Voltage Frequency

Around 25 KHZ

Input Current

1.2 A

Output Voltage

0~100 KV DC

Max.Output powder volume

Around 600 G/MIN

Gun cable

4 M

Gun weight

490 g








480 mm


680 mm


1030 mm


39 Kg

Container Capacity

55 L


5.Packing List

Control panel with all kinds of connectors

1 set

Cart with filter

1 set

Manual coating gun with round nozzle with cable

1 set

Powder hose

1 set

Air tube

1 set

304 stainless hopper

1 set

Powder injector

1 set


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微信图片_20171128112905.jpgWeifang Galin Powder Coating Equipment CO.,LTD which located in Shandong district,specializes in manufacturing the coating equipment .We are a typical Chinese supplier and specialized in the research, development and production of the powder coating system and liquid painting system. Our products includes booth, hopper,powder coating machine/unit,electrostatic spray gun ,panel controller,HV module,PCB board, injector/pump ,powder hose,filter and other parts and so on.In addition,we can make all kinds of high voltage module,like Gema,Wagner,Nordson etc.

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