CG07 Manual Spray Control Unit

CG07 Manual Spray Control Unit
Product Details

CG07 Gun control unit
Electrical data

Mains input voltage

100-240 VAC

Operating frequency

50-60 Hz

Input power

40 VA

Nominal output voltage (to the gun) max.

12 V

Nominal output current (to the gun) max.

1 A

Ambient temperature range

0°C - +40°C(+32°F - +104°F)

Max. operating temperature

85°C (+185°F)

Pneumatical data

Compressed air connection

1/4" male quick release

Input pressures (must be set in the software)

5,5 bar
6,0 bar
6,5 bar

Max. input pressure

10 bar / 145 psi

Min. input pressure (while unit in operation)

6 bar / 87 psi

Max. water vapor content of the compressed air

1.3 g/m³

Max. oil vapor content of the compressed air

0.1 mg/m³

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