Supply of The Screw Water Chiller to The Americas

Supply of The Screw Water Chiller to The Americas Basic Info

  • Cooling Method: Water-cooled, Direct Cooling

  • Selected Voltage: 380V/50HZ

  • Noise Level: Ordinary

  • Application Machine: Coordinate Boring

  • Condition: New

  • Chilled Water Range: 0~10 Deg

  • Power Supply: 380/3/50

  • Usage: Cooling Water

  • Glycol Flow: 12.9m3/H

  • Type: Water-Cooled

  • Unit Structure: Integral

  • Compressor Number: 1

  • Application Fields: Plastic

  • Certification: CE

  • Cooling Capacity: 71kw

Supply of The Screw Water Chiller to The Americas Product Description

Water cooled low temperature chiller

Supply of The Screw Water Chiller to The Americas Applications:
Electroplating, plastic products, hardware, chemical industry, electronics, food preservation,
Laser carving, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning etc industries.

Chiller that uses high effective a easy cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger, exerts its
Unique advantage against erosion and filth in electroplating, PCB, oxidization, chemical
Industry, etc weak acid and alkaline conditions.

Supply of The Screw Water Chiller to The Americas Advantage:
Refrigerant: R22/R404A, client can choose the refrigerant/gas.
Cooling only unit/cooling-heating unit,
1. Adopt the advanced scroll compressor, resistance low temp and high efficiency
2. Electrical configuration adopt high quality product of the world to ensure that the unit stable quality and reliable operation.
3. Equipped with high-performance low temp freezing pump and stainless steel water tank
4. Adopt the glycol antifreeze as the cooling agent, freezing water temp can be controlled at -35 degrees Celsius.
5. Customer may request calcium chloride as an antifreeze

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Supply of The Screw Water Chiller to The Americas Components Introduction:
Electric component: SCHNEIDER
Condenser and evaporator: Shell-and-tube type.
Optional compoents: an integrated stainless steel tank, pump, and controls to fully meet the demands of your process.

Model  HLWD ~
Rated Cooling CapacityX1000 Kcal/h61.083.3109.5145.1159.4188.0217.3235.2258.9308.3356.3386.0
Input PowerKW22.429.336.648.853.259.568.975.383.897.0110.9119.2
Comp.Input Power XQTY (kw)22.4X129.3X136.6X148.8X153.2X159.5X168.9X175.3X183.8X197.0X1110.9×1119.2×1
Comp.Current (A)37.649.361.582.189.4100.1115.9126.5140.9163.1186.4200.4
Power Supply3Ph-380V-50HZ
Protection DevicePhase reversion protection, Phase lack protection, Overload current protection,
Discharge air temperature protection, Low&High pressure protection, Low temp protection, Water flow protection.
Number of Refrigeration Circuit1
Capacity Control (%)0,66,1000,50,75,100
Refrigerant Charge (kg)18253242465562687590102110
CondenserShell and Tube Type
Water Side Max Pressure (MPa)1
Dia.of Pipe to Condenser (inch)2"2-1/2"3"3"3"3"4"4"4"5"5"5"
Cooling Water Flow (m 3 /h)16.121.728.237.441.047.855.360.066.278.390.397.7
Condenser Water Pressure drop (kPa)394543505049474848494849
EvaporatorShell and Tube Type
Water Side Max Pressure (MPa)1
Dia.of Pipe to Evaporator  (inch)2"2-1/2"3"3"3"3"4"4"4"4"5"5"
20% Glycol Flow Capacity (m 3 /h)12.917.623.230.733.739.846.049.854.865.275.481.7
Evaporator Water Pressure drop (kPa)243135395049477370475269
Running Noise dB(A)73.173.774.875.
Total weight (Kg)98010101200135015401680180019202030208025202730
Running Weight (Kg)108011201360153017001850198020802240266028003020