Spray Gun Operation Needs To Pay Attention To The Essentials

Movement speed, spray gun.

In spraying operations, gun speed has a great influence on coating effect.

1, if the hand spray gun moving so fast that coated surfaces coating thin, looked thin, leveling, and rough;

2, if the hand spray gun moving slow, after the coated surfaces coating must be, and prone to sagging.

3, speed is the best airbrush spray after the coated surfaces coating is full, uniform, wet. The job personnel experience need to be sprayed to control.

Second, the control of the trigger.

Spray gun is controlled by the trigger. Trigger the deeper, more liquid velocity. In the process of electrostatic spraying equipment in the traditional gun, trigger always buckles to die, rather than a half deduction. In order to avoid the guns at a time towards the end of the spray paint accumulation, experienced painters to slightly relax the trigger, to reduce the amount of paint supply.

Third, the orientation of the spray on the surface of the substrate.

Lance on the surface of the substrate should be straight, or try to stay vertical. If the spray gun is a little Askew, flowing spray painting result will bring to one side, while on the other side are thin and lack of paint and coating are very likely to cause stripes.

IV, Lance to the substrate surface interval.

Siphon spray gun, the best interval for 15~20cm. If the interval is too close, you may have running, sprayed metallic paint or Pearlescent paints or may be inconsistent with the expected of colors. If the interval is too long. 20cm, can cause dry spray, spray, paint leveling becomes poor. If spraying metallic paint, there may be possibilities of color change. Send-pressure spray guns can be far away from the base material. Best interval from 20 to 30cm. These are spraying is necessary to follow the principle.

Five, holding a gun.

Lance is on the Palm, thumb, little finger and ring finger hold, middle finger and index finger to pull the trigger. Some painters in a long time of work is always changing from time to time hold a gun, sometimes with just the thumb, hand combined with the little finger, sometimes combined with ring finger holding guns, middle finger and index finger to pull the trigger. Electrostatic spray equipment that can alleviate fatigue, improve work efficiency.