Resin Spray Gun with Chopper

Resin Spray Gun with Chopper Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Air Spray Equipment

  • Automatic Spray Gun Coating:Reisn and Fiber Glass

  • Certification:ISO

  • Method Type:Automatic

  • Automatic Spray Gun Condition:New

Resin Spray Gun with Chopper Product Description

The details of the spray gun for fiber glass and resin are as follows, 

Using material: Calcium carbonate(CaCO3) powder, resin, solidifying chemical(catalyzer, catalyst) 
1: Maximum injection: 15Kg/min 
2: Resin injection: 3.5__5Kg/min 
3: Fiber glass: 1.5Kg/min 
4: Pressure ratio: 18: 1 
5: Range of pecentage of solidifying chemical: 0.8__3% 
6: Working pressure: 0.3__0.6Mpa 

Our spray gun is a automatic spray gun. 
The spray gun also can only use the resin. 
The price of the spray gun will be 6300USD based on FOB Ningbo port. 

The fiber & resin spraying machine is multiple-use system for spraying resin and chopped roving synchronously. 

The fiber & resin spraying machine is multiple-use system for spraying resin and chopped roving synchronously. The resin and catalyst could be sprayed out respectively by the 

Pump action, and mix together in the air. The spray gun just needs to be cleaned few times, which greatly reduce the cleaning frequency and improve the production speed much. 
Resin Spray Gun with Chopper Advantages: 

1. Accurate ratio control. Catalyst slave pump for exact catalyst ratio ensures the parts cured at desired rate. 
2. Environment friendly. Airless spraying decreases the volatilization and less pollution. 
3. Cart & System. The whole system is mounted on a cart chassis which makes the equipment moveable, benefits the spraying flexible. 
4. Roving management. The roving is guided by the boom crutch to make the roving smooth, less tangling, more uptime. 
5. Compact & light weight. 
6. American Gun available. 
7. One year guarantee. 

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