Powder Coating Equipment, Powder Coating Equipment, Powder Coating Gun 220V, Powder Coating Gun Price, Powder Coating Gun

Powder Coating Equipment, Powder Coating Equipment, Powder Coating Gun 220V, Powder Coating Gun Price, Powder Coating GunProduct Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:Powder coating equipment

  • Powder Coating Gun Type:Coating Production Line

  • Coating:Powder Coating

  • Powder Coating Gun Substrate:Ceramic

  • Certification:CE, ISO, SGS, RoHS, REACH

  • Condition:New

  • Powder Coating Gun Package:Wooden Box /Sx-80 Arc Spray Machine

  • Specification:1.5T, 4 packages

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:84249999

Parameters of SX-80 power supply

NumberItemsBasic parameter
1Input power supply3Phase   AC380V,50Hz/60Hz
2Rated output power80KW
3No-load ceiling voltageDC125V
4Working current10-1000A
5Working voltage30-100V
6Power featureconstant flow source
7Current accuracy<1%
8Load factor90%

(b)transfer box of Powder coating equipment , Powder coating equipment,powder coating gun

The transfer box is the transfer center of this plasma spraying equipment. It links power supply, control cabinet, heat exchanger and spray gun together. There're high frequency sparkling device, water and gas channel alarming devices inside this box. The transfer box is moveable, with standard 5 meter long water-cooled cable.
Parameter of SX-80 transfer box

NumberItemsBasic parameter
1Input voltageAC220V,50Hz/80Hz
2Rated power250W
3Control modeExternal control
4Output high-frequency voltageAC2500~3000

(c)Control cabinet of Powder coating equipment , Powder coating equipment,powder coating gun
Control cabinet is the control center of SX-80. Its input voltage and power are single phase 220V, 1Kw. It's equipped with float flowmeter, using digital display indicating current and voltage. It has three working modes of manual control, automatic control and economic operation.
It's equipped with alarming and breakdown display functions. It will alarm when:
1. Pressure of main and secondary gas is lower than 0.3Mpa, or main gas flow is under 30L/min.
2. Water temperature is higher than 50oC, or water flow is under 8L/min.
The control cabinet is used for controlling and adjusting water, electricity, gas and spray powder. It monitors the whole spray system and thus users can directly get the working parameters of the system, that's to say, you can directly read the voltage, current and so on. When the power supply or gas supply cannot reach the system requirement there will be automatic alarming warning the user to make according adjustment.
By operating the control cabinet panel, users can adjust the current and voltage to regulate the temperature of plasma arc. They can also adjust the main and secondary gas to regulate the gas flow and gas proportion, and thus to change the length and velocity of plasma arc.
Parameter of SX-80 control cabinet

NumberItemsBasic parameter
1Input power supplyAC220V,50Hz/80Hz
2Input power300W
3Control modePLC control Relay
4Main gas and gas pressureargon,nitrogen  0.6-0.8MPa
5Maximum consumption of main gas2m3/h
6Secondary gas and gas pressurehydrogen,helium  0.25-0.4MPa
7Air and pressuredried  0.5MPa
8Gas using modeargon,argon hydrogen,nitrogen,nitrogen+hydrogen

(d) Powder feeder of Powder coating equipment , Powder coating equipment,powder coating gun
The powder feeder is used to store spray powder and send these powder to spray gun according to technological requirements. The SX-80 system is equipped with one binocular powder feeder. The size range of powder particle is 5~200μm. The two tube can feed powder at the same time so that the feeding speed is between 8~250g/min. Users can adjust the potentiometer on control cabinet panel to regulate feeding speed.
Parameter of SX-80 powder feeder

NumberItemsBasic parameter
1Powder feeding modeShaving the bottom and the compressed air blows the powder to spray gun
2single(double)tube volume3.0(6.0)L
3Feeding gasArgon or nitrogen
4Feeding gas pressure0.45-0.6MPa
5Feeding speed8~250g/min
6Feeding accuracy±1%
7Feeding gas flow300-700L/h

NumberItemsBasic parameter
1Rated output power80KW
2Rated current10-1000A
3Working voltage30-100V

Parameter of SX-80 heat exchanger

NumberItemsBasic parameter
2Circulation water tank capacity250KG
3Refrigerating output35KW
4Cooled water temperature fluctuation5oC


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