Powder Coating Equipment Brief Introduction

Electrostatic spraying technology used electrostatic principles to the work piece surface, so the powder coating process also needs to implement a complete powder coating equipment. Depending on how powder coating and powder recycling of the material itself. Common sense about powder coating equipment including electrostatic powder spray gun (gun control), recycling equipment, powder room and feed devices. These types of devices used, makes the powder coating process can form a complete cycle. As shown in the following figure on the right, powder spray guns spray to the workpiece, by recovery unit to reclaim the spray or powder not adsorbed onto the workpiece, this part of the powder delivery to the powder supply unit filter is a short loop using a spray gun. Electrostatic powder spray gun: rely on high voltage electrostatic powder "conveyor" to be spraying the workpiece, and its electrostatic properties and the direct impact on aerodynamic performance of powder at a rate of the powder film thickness control.