Main Classification Of Spray Gun

Both spray gun into Mr pressure and compression.

Spray guns include a, b, c, d, e, f, g

A, type, and b type, and c type main applies Yu φ 18, and φ 20, and φ 21, and φ 22.5 external diameter of nozzle; d type gun applies Yu φ 15, and φ 16, and φ 12.5, location of nozzle; e, and f type of applies Yu horn type nozzle; g type applies Yu φ 15, and φ 16, and φ 18, and φ 20 external diameter of nozzle.

Spray gun pressure type spray gun, Karle-gun, automatic spray gun.

Airbrush applications in industries can directly use of coatings, the simple gun, can be installed as automation equipment, such as automatic spray machine, automatic coating machines, automatic painting machine, coating machine, use spray equipment.