Latest Powder Spray Gun for Eletrostatic Powder Coating

Latest Powder Spray Gun for Eletrostatic Powder Coating Basic Info

  • Application: Hardware Spraying Equipment, Wood Spraying Equipment, Plastic Spraying Equipment, Porcelain Spraying Equipment

  • Certification: CE, ISO, SGS

  • Condition: New

  • Quality: Best Quality

  • Working Life: Long Working Life

  • Maintenance: Simple and Easy

  • Specification: Size: 400mm

  • HS Code: 8424200000

  • Type: Electrostatic Spraying Equipment

  • Coating: Powder

  • Method Type: Manual

  • Control System: Digital

  • Operate: Easy to Operate

  • Work: Continuously and Steadily

  • Product Rejects: Fewer Product Rejects

  • Package: Fumigation Free Wooden Case

Latest Powder Spray Gun for Eletrostatic Powder Coating Product Description

Product Description

Latest Powder Spray Gun for Eletrostatic Powder Coating Parameters:

Electric Parameters
Supply voltage220V-240VAC
Power frequency50-60Hz
Power consumption50W
Security gradeIP54
Working temperature range0-40oC(+32oF - +104oF)
Aerodynamic parameters
Compressed air of main interface diameter8mm
Input air pressure0.4-0.8Mpa(4-8bar)
Maximum water content1.3g /m3
Maximum oil content0.1mg /m3
Parameter of spraying gun
Electrostatic polarityNegative polarity
Maximum output voltage120KV
Maximum output current120μA
The weight of spraying gun550g
The length of spraying gun350mm
The length of powder tube3.5m
The length of cable3.5m
The Maximum powder output650g/min

Specifications of MA3300D
(1) Digital control system, display preset voltage and currency at the same time.
(2) Preset voltage and currency could be setted by knobs, easy to operate.
(3) Alarm automatically if over the preset parameters.
(4) Adjust the output static electricity automatically according to the change of workpiece's size and distance.
(5) Could supply a large amount of powder under low pressure.
(6) The inside circuit region is independent sea, avoiding the powder incoming.
(7) Good quality pressure gauge.
(8) Good quality dust-proof powder switch.
(9) Control the useless power strictly, low heating value, work continuously and steadily.

Latest Powder Spray Gun for Eletrostatic Powder Coating High performance
(1)  Fewer product rejects
(2)  Simple and easy maintenance
(3)  Transfer powder coating efficiently
(4)  Equipped with deflector cone as standard
(5)  Optimal service life for wear parts
(6)  A wide range of spare parts, such as 20mm nozzle, Jet air drive pipe
(7)  Tribo air to increase the intensity of the frictional charge
(8)  Robust, using high quality materials and adopting compact structure
(9)  Perfect coating results. Spray powder coating smoothly and thickness of powder film is uniform
(10)The On-gun remote control gives you the flexibility to adjust parameters without turning away from your work
(11)Mobile system with convenient stainless fluidized powder barrel, could find comfortable position for better coverage and faster coating
Latest Powder Spray Gun for Eletrostatic Powder Coating Ergonomic design
(1)  Light and handy: only 500 grams (without connecting leads)
(2)  Well balanced ergonomic handling
(3)Better in-hand balance, high flexibility
Get higher productivity at a lower cost
(1)  Compact and always ready-to-use, then minimize the downtime
(2)  Easily activate the Power-Clean mode, change colors, clean gun easily and quickly
(3)  Due to the precise regulation-technology and the gun-integrated dosing system, small amounts of powder can be applied, while still obtaining incredible results
(4)  Could spray extremely complex workpiece, penetrate power coating into corners, angles and edges, then save powder and reduce labor

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