Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (DYT-2)


Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (DYT-2) Basic Info.


Model NO.:DYT-2


KV Voltage Tester Weight:38kg




Output Voltage:AC 0V~80kv


KV Voltage Tester Printer:Built in Printer


Temperature Measurement:0-70


KV Voltage Tester Specification:CE/ISO




HS Code:9001100009


Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (DYT-2) Product Description

    Series DYT-2  Insulation oil dielectric strength test instrumentation of plant

Product Application
DYT-2 series Insulating oil dielectric strength tester is fully automatic micro controller based system,completely self-contained, compact and portable giving smooth variable test voltage from 0 to 60, 75, 80, 90 or 100 kV for testing the dielectric strength of insulating oil in accordance with all international standards like IEC156/IS6792/ASTM D 1816/ASTM D877/ UNE 21 specifications.
DYT-2  Insulating oil dielectric strength tester is improved on basis of DYT. It increases temperature measurement.All the selection can be done by touch pad with color LCD.

1. Auto mode
DYT series insulating oil testers are fully automatic type.
1) IEC-156, IS6792, ASTM D 877, ASTM D 1816, UNE 21.
2) Withstand Test A
3) Withstand Test B
4) 5 Minute Test
5) User defined

2. 100 Test results storage capacity
DYT series insulating oil testers has a storage capacity of 100 test results which can be recalled and printed.

3. LCD display
DYT series insulating oil testers use LCD
for easy readability of the BDV test results.

4. KV Voltage Tester Built in printer
The printer used is a thermal paper print outs.
The paper rolls can be easily installed by any person.
5. User Friendly RS 232 Interface
RS 232 interface is very easy to use to communicate stored data which can be saved in text format.

6. Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (DYT-2) Safety protection
Safety interlocks are provided on the test chamber. Zero interlock protection to ensure operator safety.

7. Accurate Performance
DYT series not only has all basic functions of an insulating oil tester but also has unique features that are seldom seen in similar products. For e.g. PROOF test A, PROOF test B,

5 Minntes test, LCD to display all test data.

DYT series ensures high work efficiency and reliability in any tough environment.

Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (DYT-2) Technical Parameter

(1) AC220V±10% power supply input
(2) Output voltage:AC 0V~80KV
(3) Rate of voltage rise: 0.5kv/s±10%, 2kv/s±5%, 3kv/s±5%,5kv/s±5%
(4) Max test times: 9
(5) Init wait times:0~999s
(6) Stir time: 0~999s
(7) Wait time: 0~999s
(8) Measurement accuracy: ±(1% of full scale + 2 digits)  Resolution:0.1KV
(9) Temperature measurement:
Measurement range      : 0°C to 70°C, or better
Temperature resolution   : 1°C, or better
Operating temperature    : up to 45°C
(10)7 inch colorful LCD with touch pad
(11)Oil test vessel temperature measurement unit
(12) Weight 38kg
(13) Size: 460 mm*380mm*360mm
The main function of the tester is as follow:
1) IEC60156/IS6792/BS5874/VDE0370-5
2) User-defined
3) 5 minute test
4) ASTMD877
5) ASTMD1816
6)JIS C 2101-99(S)
7) Proof 'A'
8)Proof 'B'

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