Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Automatic Tester (IIJ-II)


Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Automatic Tester (IIJ-II) Basic Info.

Model NO.:IIJ-II
Place of Origin:China(Mainland)
KV Voltage Tester Power:Electronic
Packaging Detail:Wooden Case
Measuring Range:AC 0-80 Kv
Limited Current:5 Ma
KV Voltage Tester Specification:ISO/CE
HS Code:9030899000

Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Automatic Tester (IIJ-II) Product Description

    Insulating oil dielectric strength automatic tester (series IIJ-II)

Product Application:

IIJ-II series insulating oils dielectric strength automatic tester is a new generation full automatization bdv testing instrument developed on the basis of the hcj-9905a model, which is designed according to the international standard iec-156 and national standard gb507-86 (insulating oils-determination of the dielectric strength) requirements, and meet the various users' feedback and opinions. Using setting firstly, start up testing secondly method, it is adopted scm as the leading, the whole testing procedure automatically run and controlled by the microcomputer. It is simply operated and convenient used.

Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Automatic Tester (IIJ-II) Product Features

main features as the following:
1. It has the automatic detection function, ex. It could automatic turn into the reset mode and execute the voltage regulator return to zero.
2. It is adopted the mini type tpu-a panel printer to automatically print the testing results.
3. It could be altered the testing frequency, stirring and stewing time, voice controlled and light controlled alarm, continuous printing and none printing according to the user's requirements.
4. It is used the automatic magnetism oscillator stirring the insulating oil in the oil sample cup avoiding the oil sample misproportion and gas bubble.

Technical Parameter

1. Power supply: Ac 220v +/-10%, 50 hz +/-5%
2. Measuring range: Ac 0-80 kv
3. Limited current: 5 ma
4. Measuring accuracy: 1%
5. Voltage regulating rate: 2kv/s +/-10%
6. Reservation setting:
Frequency: 1-9  Stirring time: 0-99 seconds  Stewing time: 0-999 seconds
7. Working condition: Ambient temperature: 0 c-35 c  Relative humidity: ≤75%
8. Oil cup gap: 2.5 mm (the diameter of oil cup gapgauge)
9.Dimension: 415x315x315mm
10. N. W.: 28 kg
11. G. W.: 38 kg
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Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Automatic Tester (IIJ-II)