Ignition KV Quick Tester (760)


Ignition KV Quick Tester (760) Basic Info.

Model NO.:760

Ignition KV Quick Tester (760) Product Description

The KV/Arc Quick Tester is a battery-operated, hand-held tester designed to easily and quickly check the presence of a spark in the vehicle's cylinders, determine the polarity (+/-), and measure the peak voltage as the spark plug is firing on Distributor and Oistributodess ignition Systems.

The tester works by receiving a signal transmitted from the spark plug's wire. In the Quick Check Mode, the red LED light flashes when a spark is detected, If the polarity is negative (-),the green LED lights; and if positive (+),the red LED lights. In the Measurement Mode, the tester  measures and displays the peak spark voltage for approximately 15 seconds.

Ignition KV Quick Tester (760) Test Results

Quick Check Mode
To enter the Quick Check Mode, simply turn the tester on. The tester automatically enters this mode when it is powered on.
During this mode, the red and green LEDs alternately flash once every second until a spark is detected.
Once a spark is detected, the Red LED light flashes and the red or the green LED lights to show the polarity.

If the tester does not detect a spark after 30 seconds, it automatically turns off.
@ The Quick Check Mode may not detect spark voltage less than 5 kV. Use the Measurement Mode to verify.

Ignition KV Quick Tester (760) Measurement Mode
During this mode, the red and green LEDs stay lit while the tester measures the peak spark voltage (for approximately 10 to 15 seconds).
When the tester finishes a measurement, it will do all of the following:
@The tester emits a beeping sound
@The headlight flashes 3 times
@The corresponding polarity LED lights

@LCD displays the current KV reading for 15 seconds    

Ignition KV Quick Tester (760)