For Powder On Powder Coating Equipment

For powder in electrostatic powder coating systems, from the gun powder coatings are supplied by the powder supply device, control accuracy for powder coating has a great impact on the quality of the product. Therefore, in order to guarantee the coating appearance and performance, must guarantee the stability of powder supply unit for the amount of powder and accurate. Due to the spray gun and reason for powder, will appear the following situations.

① because of the accumulation of powder coatings in powder feeding tube attached, increases the resistance of powder paint.

II as a spray gun nozzle or nozzle wear, ejector (venturi priming powder or powder pump) absorbing powder coating suction drop.

③ driven ejector (venturi priming powder or powder pump) air pressure fluctuations.

Black gun powder level changes.

⑤ Groove of the powder coating powder coating in horizontal position changes.

⑥ feeding tube bending degrees of influence.