Devilbiss T-Aghv Golden Spray Gun

Devilbiss T-Aghv Golden Spray Gun Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:T-AGHV

  • Automatic Spray Gun Type:High-Performance Low-Pressure Spray Equipment

  • Application:Hardware Spraying Equipment, Wood Spraying Equipment, Plastic Spraying Equipment, Porcelain Spraying Equipment

  • Automatic Spray Gun Coating:Paint

  • Method Type:Automatic

  • Automatic Spray Gun Condition:New

Devilbiss T-Aghv Golden Spray Gun Product Description

General industry spray guns
Spray gun weight only 430gram, has the good atomization ability, also suitable for metal paint, pearl powder, mica paint
Coating contact part includes coating pathways and nozzle, for the entire stainless steel, with all applicable coatings
High atomization of the air cap and the coating with ball cone way for the nozzle spray painting stable core, make, uniform
Handle place can be equipped with air regulator, adjust air pressure is simple
Product model decomposition:

Air cap catalogs: 103\143\165
Nozzle orifice: 0.8mm\1.1mm\1.4mm\1.8mm
Air consumption: 280l/min
Pattem width: 103: 100mm; 143: 250mm; 165: 300mm
Devilbiss T-Aghv Golden Spray Gun Air inlet: 1/4
Painting inlet: 3/8
Nozzle: Stainless
Gun needle: Stainless
Devilbiss T-Aghv Golden Spray Gun Remark: JGX-502 spray gun, variety three type of feed: Gravity/suction/pressure type

Advantages: Light weight, small, high-performance spray-paint gun, durable, high atomization performance. Economize paint, application for hardware, plastic, car repair. Woodworking painting etc.

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