The main use of coal-burning oven

Can baking cake, and egg pie, and bread, and cookies, and which makes semi-finished, and cakes, and pizza, West pastry and biscuits, and pie, and crisp cake, and thousand layer cake, and stone bun, and Rod Rod bun, pasta, and roast chicken, and duck, and roast beef dry, and Roast goose, and roast kebab, and roast chicken leg, and roast sheep row, and roast shrimp, and roast fillets, and roast full pig, meat and the bun tablets, and rice crispy rice (South fast food crispy rice), and expanded crispy rice, and potato tablets, and wheat burn, and rice, and cookies, and kelp, and Nori, and seeds, and eggs, and bean, and coffee bean, and walnut, leisure food, and peanut, and garlic, and Agricultural products such as sweet potatoes and dehydrated vegetables, medicinal materials, animal feed, industrial materials, and so on.