The main characteristics of powder coating

Paint made of special resins, pigments and fillers, curing agent and other additives, mixed with a certain proportion, prepared by hot extrusion and crushing and screening technology. They are at room temperature, storage stability, by electrostatic spray coating, friction coating (thermoset) or fluidized bed coating (thermoplastic), reheating baked melting and solidification, into a permanent coating smooth and bright, achieve the purpose of decorative and corrosion.

Its characteristics are:

1, this product is not toxic and does not contain solvents and do not contain toxic volatile substances, therefore, no poison, no fires, no "three wastes" pollution-emissions problem, full compliance with the requirements of national environmental law.

2, high utilization rate of raw material, some brands of powder supplier of powder, the overspray powder can be recycled, the highest utilization rate could even reach more than 99%.

3, the coated after pre-treatment, one-off construction, without primer, you can get sufficient thickness of coating, easy automation, high production efficiency, reduces cost.

4, dense coating, adhesion, impact resistance and good toughness, high corner coverage, has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation properties.

5, storage and transport of powder coatings safe and convenient.