The advantages of powder coating is

1, high efficiency: because it is a one-time film, can increase productivity 30–40% 2, energy saving: reducing energy consumption of about 30%

3, low pollution: volatile organic solvent-free (does not contain toluene, xylene and other harmful gases in the paint).

4, high coating efficiency: up to 95%, and powder recovery can be used multiple times.

5, good film performance: disposable 50-80 μ m film thickness up to its adhesion, corrosion resistance of integrated process indicators than good.

6, high yield: in front of the uncured, spray for the second time. Many kinds of powder coating process, common electrostatic powder spraying and dipping in two ways.

Powder coating is a type of 100% solid powder coating does not contain solvents. With no solvents, no pollution, save energy and resources, reduce labor intensity and high mechanical strength of coating film.