Advantages of lab coater

1 "numerical control panels, completely free to set three kinds of patterns can be stored, each mode of coating from the coating speed adjust, different people, different times when you operate the machine, all the parameters coating ensures a high degree of consensus. Error is minimal.

2 "imported steel drive, compared to the traditional belt-driven, more steady operation, long service life, stroke control more precise.

3 "digital trimming, maximum precision 1UM, overturns traditional naked eye observation scale micro-regulator, more accurate and more human, there are two units, MM, inches, suitable for different requirements.

4 "body 304 stainless steel, corrosion and rust, solid appearance.

5 "dual-purpose machine, bar pattern (applies to all imports of Chinese-made wire rods), scraper model effectively combines the advantages of bar and blade, optional stronger, experience better.

6 "upgrade feature flexible, drying, vacuum any selective add according to demand, and cost savings.

7 "machine is guaranteed for two years, totally independent property rights, independent production, more secure after the sale.

8 "vacuum system is fully built, more beautiful, compact space-saving